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Refer to the product thumbnails below for details on which product may be sold in your canteen.

Ham, Cheese & Pineapple Roll
Hawaiian Roll

The Big Hawaiian has arrived! Launched in 2010 to a very warm reception - this product is the brother of the BNC Bun (Bacon & Cheese Bun). The base is very light and fluffy and not too filling.

Healthy Kids NSWFOCIS

Muffin Delite - High Fibre
Muffin Delite - Hi Fibre

No wonder the Muffin Delite has proved so popular. It's a moist and light Muffin. Packed with Fibre (Don't tell the kids) and taste that even the kids will love. It's a great snack or treat at Recess or lunch.
3 great flavours as to try as well!

Apple & Cinnamon
Choc lite

Healthy Kids NSWStar ChoiceFOCIS

Fun Bun
Fun Bun - Cinnabun & Regular Fun Bun

The Fun Bun really is a popular product. It has such a lovely light texture that the kids love. It is a nice treat at Recess or lunch.

Our Fun Bun also comes in Regular or 'Cinnabun'. The Cinnabun has the added natural flavour of Cinnamon and has been popular as well.

Healthy Kids NSWStar ChoiceFOCIS

There's such a range of Good Tucker products now. I'm sure you'll find a product that the kids will love. Best of all our products can be sold in your School canteen - guilt free... because they really are good products.

100% Australian products, made in Australia by Aussie people

for the next generation of Australians.

Mum's & Dads of Australia - Give 'em the best...they deserve it!

Jenni Thompson - Managing Director

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