The Good Tucker story

Our simple objective

Once upon a time...

Great Aussie Meat Pie

Most good stories start from a simple beginning. Our's is no different.

We just wanted to create a 'real' Aussie Meat Pie that kids could eat and enjoy and parents could feel happy knowing that they were giving their children a meal at school that wasn't going to be full of salt and excess fat.

. . .so the Sportsmans Lean Beef Pie was created

"In fact the recipe was so good that it won the prestigious 'AMLC Beef Week Innovation Award'. This was a much coveted award at the time.

We were so happy with the fact we had such a great product that was better for kids. We now had a product that was an 'Award Winner' as well. But we couldn't stop there...

We went on to register the Sportsmans Lean Beef Pie as the First Salt & Fat Reduced Pie approved for sale in NSW School Canteens with Healthy Kids in 1993. We didn't know at the time, but it was to be one of many products we would have approved as 'Healthy Kids' products"

Rod White - Founder | Managing Director 1993 - 2013, Good Tucker Bakery

. . .so what now?

We had achieved our humble goal... we had also created an Award Winning Pie - we had a taste for success. Not so much financial success, but we had achieved something we were passionate about. That made us want to keep going with it, just to see how far we could take the name, the brand and the Good Tucker product range.

Well, we've been around since 1993, we have 2 different ranges catering to several markets now. We currently have 13 Healthy Kids registered products and countless other Bakery products in the Aussie Gold & Cafe Range of products. We are probably still most proud of the fact that we still have not lost sight of our original objective - to Keep 'Em Healthy and Keep 'Em Happy with a range of Fresh Tastes and Healthy products.

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