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Healthy Kids Association (Healthy Kids) is the NSW based organization (previously named the NSW School Canteen Association) that assess and register products that meet their Nutrient Criteria. Healthy Kids Registered Products meet the NSW Fresh Tastes @ School Healthy School Canteen Strategy. Most Healthy Kids Registered Products meet the other state canteen strategies as well.

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Healthy Kids range.

Please note that legislation varies for each state regarding what is acceptable product for sale in School Canteens. Always refer to your states legislation to get the most correct information. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will do our best to provide you with answers.

  • What is a Healthy Kids Registered Product?

    Healthy Kids Registered Products are assessed by qualified Dietitians and Nutritionists for compliance with the stringent Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria which is based on the 'Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents" and the NSW Fresh Tastes @ School Healthy School Canteen Strategy. These criteria were developed in consultation with Food Industry and Health Professionals.

  • How are the products assessed?

    Product Nutritional Data is supplied by the manufacturer and is measured against Healthy Kids Nutrient Criteria prior to being registered as a Healthy Kids Registered Product. At it's discretion, the Healthy Kids Association may request Independent Nutritional analysis to be supplied by the manufacturer.

    Click here to go directly to Healthy Kids Website. It's a very important resource for NSW Canteen Managers and parents with School aged children.
  • Is there a Healthy Kids Registered Product range I can download?

    Yes, just click on the icon below to download a copy of the complete Healthy Kids range of products.

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  • What's all the fuss with GREEN, AMBER & RED Products?

    The GREEN, AMBER, RED Classification system is a quick reference guide for parents and Canteen Managers alike. The system was developed to help make it easier to decide how often certain types of products should appear on NSW School Canteen Menus. RED products are "Occasional foods" and are only allowed to be served at school on a maximum of 2 days per term.GREEN foods are encouraged as 'Everyday Foods' and Canteens are encouraged to "Fill the menu and have plenty". AMBER products are encouraged to be "Selected carefully". .

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  • What classification do Good Tucker Products have?

    All Good Tucker Bakery products that are registered with Healthy Kids are classified as Amber products. We encourage Healthy Choices for our children and for this reason we have developed the Good Tucker Range to include many Healthy Kids Registered Products.

  • Are there any new Healthy Kids products under development?

    We are always looking at new and innovative ideas that may develop into Healthy Kids Registered products. From time to time we send out Newsletters to advise our friends and supporters about new products. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be kept updated with the latest news.

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