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Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers Guide
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The Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers Guide is sent to most schools across Australia to make the healthy choices - easy choices for canteen managers. To visit the Healthy Kids Website, CLICK HERE!

QAST Queensland "Connect With Canteens" Guide
Sportsmans Pie Range

Connect With Canteens is the main publication produced by QAST (Queensland Assoc. of Tuckshops).
To visit the QAST Website, CLICK HERE!

WA School Canteens Association Directory
Star Choice Registered

We have many Good Tucker Products registered as Star Choice products, which is the standard in Western Australia. If you would like to visit the WASCA Website, CLICK HERE!

Overall branding
Good Tucker Bakery Brands

We take our image seriously. From our product wrap and packaging to the overall quality, look and feel of our range. Each product comes individually wrapped in it's own well branded ,sealed bag.

P.O.S. (Point Os Sale) Items
Good Tucker Bakery

People measure the look of a brand or product right up until they use/consume it. P.O.S plays an important role in a purchase decision so we assist School & College canteens and retail outlets with P.O.S. Product Posters.

Electronic Media
GoodTucker Bakery E News

As Electronic Media grows at a superfast rate, we are also embracing the new trends like Twitter and Facebook. Keep an eye out for competitions to WIN Prizes for your School. We will keep you up to date with live Twitter feeds streamed to our Website. It's a great tool for getting very quick short bursts of info out to our Distributors & customers instantly. We will also be launching E-Newsletter's soon, so subscribe to those for entry to win prizes as well!

If you haven't tried our range're in for a real treat.
Own range has grown so much over the years.

There's a product sized to suit every taste and appetite.

Mum's & Dads of Australia - Give 'em the best...they deserve it!

Michael & Jenni Thompson - Directors

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