The Adventurer - Regular & Mixed Grain

Good Tucker launches Wholegrain Pastry...

Good Tucker Bakery - 'the Innovators'

The Adventurer truly is a different Meat Pie. The ridged pastry provides strength in the sides of the pie to ensure it won't fall apart while you are eating it. What a simple idea... that actually works. It's a one hand pie. You really can 'EAT IT ON THE GO!' It was designed for busy people on the move who still want to enjoy a Pie.

We wanted to launch the Adventurer with a BANG.. so we didn't stop at the new shape. The Adventurer Lean Beef Pie also comes in the Regular Pastry and the all new Mixed Grain (Wholegrains & Seeds) Pastry.

This is the first Pie with a Wholegrain Pastry to be registered in NSW with NSWSCA as a Healthy Kids regsietered product! We are very proud of this innovative product.

The new Wholegrain & Seeds pastry actually has a very light texture. Most people think of wholegrains and think 'DRY & CHEWY' - try the new Adventurer Mixed Grain and you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Go for the Goodness of Wholegrains...

The new Adventurer Regular & Adbventurer Mixed Grain are gaining ground in the marketplace. Everyone loves the new shape and the convenience it creates. People are quickly realising the value of wholegrain in a balanced diet.

Did you know Wholegrains contain:

  • Fibre
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants

It's always hard to get kids to eat Wholegrains, but we encourage you to give this product a try. If they enjoy a pie and you are happy when they are healthy and eating well - then this has the flavour they'll enjoy with the added goodness of real wholegrains and seeds all wrapped in an 'EASY TO EAT' pastry.

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