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Packed full of flavour... in a handy new shaped pastry - Easy to eat on the GO!

Adventurer Range

In 2010 we introduced a new Product called the Adventurer Lean Beef Pie. The product was well received and was also launched in conjunction with it's sister product the Adventurer Mixed Grain (Wholegrain Pastry) but we just couldn't stop more below.

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Adventurer Gold range.

  • Big Deal... a new shape - how does that make it easy to eat?

    Many people have commented on how the new shape is so easy to mess and you can manage it easily with one hand. Gone are the days where your Pie fell apart because the pastry gave way and you wore more pie than you were able to eat! The Adventurer Pie really is 'EASY TO EAT' The ridged sides offer structural support to the pie, so it doesn't crumble while you're eating it and yes... you really can eat this pie with one hand!

  • What flavours are available in the new shape Adventurer?

    We decided to offer all of our Aussie Gold range of flavours in the NEW Adveturer shaped pastry.

  • Can I sell the Adventurer range in my canteen?

    We do sell 2 variations of the Adventurer in School Canteens. These are the Adventurer Regular and the Adventurer Mixed Grain(Wholegrain & Seeds Pastry). Both of these products have 100% Aussie Beef Filling . The other 'Flavours available in the Adventurer range are targeted to Sporting events, Clubs, and Cafes.

  • Will there be any new Aussie Gold products in the near future?

    At this stage there are no new Aussie Gold products planned. We will be concentrating on rebranding and packaging for the entire range.

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