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We had a simple mission when we started the company back in 1993 - create a healthier Aussie Meat Pie for Australian school kids. That idea turned out to be the first Reduced Salt & Reduced Fat - Lean Beef Meat Pie sold in NSW School Canteens as a Healthy Kids Registered product! That's something we are very proud of... in fact the recipe was so good it won the AMLC Beef Week Innovation award. We still use that award winning recipe today. The Sportsman's Lean Beef Pie is a great Aussie Meat Pie and is the flagship of our range. It's packed with flavour and still ticks all the boxes as a Nutritionally balanced meal.

That simple purpose has since grown into a huge range of nutritionally balanced snacks and meals for our kids whilst at school. We can't be with them all day at school but we can help them to make some sensible choices when it comes to what they eat while they are at school. For Healthy Kids Registered Amber products refer to our Healthy Kids Range.

We are also excited to announce that we will also be extending the Good Tucker range to cater for other markets as well as School Canteens. We have divided the Good Tucker Range into 2 Categories. This Website advertises all of our Bakery products. Refer to our Products range to see what registration applies to each product. Click here to go directly to our products range.

The Healthy Kids Range - Products Registered with Healthy Kids (previously named the NSW School Canteen Association)fit into the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy (FreshTastes @ School) The HK range includes - Sporstman Lean Beef Pies & Sausage Rolls, Country Chicken & Vegetable Pie, Fun Bun (Cinnabun & Regular), Hi Fibre Muffins (Muffin Delite), Bacon & Cheese Bun (BNC Bun). All Good Tucker Bakery Healthy Kids Registered Products are Amber.

We have recently released several new products as part of our Healthy Kids range. These are the 'Little Grom's' Chocolate Cookie, Little Grom's ANZAC Biscuit, The Beef & Potato Junior Pie, Cheese Roll and our new 5" Go-Go Garlic Bread. Try these products on your Canteen menu!

The Aussie Gold Range - Cafe type products for sale in general public places. Aussie Beef Pies in a range of flavours like - Minced Beef Steak Pie, Beef Steak & Kidney, Curry Beef Cheese - Bacon & Beef, Potato & Beef, Beef & Mushroom, Beef - Tomato & Onion, Chilli - Cheese & Beef, Chunky Beef Pie. The Aussie Gold Range also includes our Yummy Spinach & Ricotta Roll, King Sausage Roll and the Gigantus Sausage Roll.

Be a part of a great Australian story and try Good Tucker today. It tastes Good and is Good!




Product samples...

We attend the Healthy Kids Expo in Sydney bi-annually now. This is the best opportunity to try all of our range. Depending on your location, we may be able to provide samples of our product to your canteen. Call Mike on 0418 761 242 to enquire about samples.


Printed Brochures/Info available

If you require some printed information dispatched to you about our range of products, please contact us and we'll be happy to send out whatever you need. Click here if you require printed information.

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Our Healthy Kids Registered Product Range is 'Amber'

  • Great Aussie Meat Pie
    Healthy Sausage Roll
    Adventurer Pie
    Wholegrain Pastry Pie
  • Gourmet Chicken Pie
    BNC Bun
    Ham Cheese Pineapple Roll
    Muffin Delite NSW
  • Cinnabun Fun Bun
    Fun Bun
    Fun Bun
    Fun Bun

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